Time Management Ideas for ADHD Brains

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Ask any one with ADHD for time-administration recommendations, and you’ll certainly get a mix of unconventional still amazing strategies. That is since ADHD brains are necessary to believe outside the house the box on most factors — primarily holding observe of time and keeping arranged.

From unconventional reminder devices to literal pondering caps, indispensable apps, and, yes, some common arranging resources, right here are ADDitude readers’ solutions to the concern: “What are your best methods for time administration at household and at work?”

Time Management Tips from ADDitude Readers

“As each and every working day winds to a close, I make use of Gmail’s built-in process reminder element and select a few merchandise that are likely to be my main target for the subsequent working day. I under no circumstances have a lot more than three duties on my plate at any specified time. It prevents me from having overcome with trying to prioritize.” —Karen, Washington

“For every day jobs like getting my ADHD medicine or generating positive my pet has meals and h2o, I use the Any.do application. It sends pop-up reminders at just the time I need to do the activity. I use the app only for things that are absolute musts. For the ‘shoulds’ and all the things else, I use my bullet journal.” — Krystal, Florida

My good watch has a vibrating timer perform. I use it to assist with time blindness. If I have began a load of laundry, for illustration, I set my observe for 30 minutes. When my observe vibrates, it re-minds me to set my garments in the dryer so they are not sitting down in the washer.” — Kelly, Michigan

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I use each avenue of reminders possible to continue to keep myself on monitor: Publish it on my wipe-off fridge calendar, generate it in my agenda, place it in my Google calendar, request my cellphone to remind me, and so forth.” — Ella, Canada

I use the system doubling system (just about) most days with one particular of my ideal pals who also has similar time management issues. We remind just about every other to quit and consume or acquire a split. We cheer each and every other on when all we experience is overwhelm and impostor syndrome.” — Kat, New York

If I am actually worried about forgetting to do one thing, I create it on my bathroom mirror with a chalk pen. And when I really should emphasis on a job that I’m not energized about, I place on a particular hat that I only use when I’m operating. I consider it can help for the reason that I see the hat as part of my ‘hustle mode’ uniform.” — Kristen, California

“Being retired and vacant nested was horrific for my time administration. I am ineffective at self-imposed deadlines. I trick myself into getting residence duties carried out by inviting visitors and location alarms to get all those uninteresting chores finished. Even while the alarms are irritating, the technique will work most of the time.” — Corinne

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I hold a diary and notebook with me at all moments. Every single early morning, I refer to these when I generate a detailed program for the day. Some details on the prepare are broken into scaled-down manageable chunks. P.S. It is frequently significantly less complicated to get heading with the prepare after brisk work out.” — An ADDitude reader

We use a whiteboard calendar for our every month agenda. It has a notes column where I create weekly food tips, appointments, and just about anything else I may possibly need to have.” — Sara, Alabama

“Being ready to visualize time, having an alarm, and placing real looking time frames for duties and/or jobs that will need to get finished assists with time management. I also consider to be kind to myself when I’m late, or when my estimated time frame is off. Due to the fact no a single is great, specially me.” — Chera

A buddy (my housemate) checks on me to make guaranteed I am on activity. I’m usually not, and she breaks the trance that has taken my consideration away from what I need to have to be undertaking.” — Susan, Michigan

I use a Time Timer to gamify tasks that I never get pleasure from executing. For instance, I like to see if I can beat my record time for placing absent dishes or cleansing the flooring. That way, I won’t get distracted by other factors or go on a hyperfocus cleaning tangent.” — Mollie, Ohio

At do the job I have an digital diary in Outlook that presents me 15-moment reminders ahead of appointments with clients. This tells me what is coming up and reminds me when a customer’s appointment needs to wrap up shortly.” — Sammie, United Kingdom

I use the Pomodoro process, paired with peer accountability. I information a team of good friends, all of whom have ADHD, to see who else could be fascinated in undertaking Pomodoros alongside one another. We set our timers and test in once again at the end and commencing of each individual Pomodoro spherical. This helps me to basically take breaks and continue to be targeted on my supposed responsibilities.” — Kimberly, California

“I check out to establish my life all over my brain as a lot as feasible. I timetable less, not additional. It is much easier to meet up with obligations when I’m not harried and hassled. The idea of ‘time management’ is very industrial and robotic, and I’m tired of trying to fit into these an unnatural state of continuous efficiency. But actual lifetime does call for appointments and deadlines, so I make my yes’s rely, and I test to timetable points all-around my capabilities.” — Amanda, Canada

Time Management Suggestions: Following Actions

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