No Argument: Ditch Annaly Money Management (NYSE:NLY)

If you might be still keeping on to Annaly Capital Administration, you’re not trying to find alpha. You might be trying to find a dumpster fire. Get out ahead of the marketplace will come to grips with the magnitude of the losses in Q1 2022. It is time to near out positions. No need to have to be a bag holder. The sector is not reflecting the significant harm from Q1 2022 but.

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Annaly Money Administration (NYSE:NLY) has achieved an extraordinary top quality to guide benefit. It seems like a discounted to you? I have an understanding of that a share price tag of $7.43 would show up to be a discounted to the Q4 2021 book worth of $7.97. Nevertheless, we’re projecting a considerable lower in book benefit per share for the duration of Q1 2022. Scott Kennedy delivers all the premiums/reductions, projected e book values, rankings, and highlights the modify in ranking in his weekly collection on The REIT Forum.


I imagine the significant vast majority of NLY’s shareholders are substantially underestimating the injury to guide worth. I consider greater investors will become additional aware more than the following week or two as other analysts update their designs and start off warning clientele.

So why would we assume NLY’s e book value would be down considerably? There are two strategies to remedy that. I could present a lengthy detailed reconciliation of projected accounting changes. Nevertheless, Scott presently does that. So I’ll break it down into less complicated conditions.

Foundation Points

For this dialogue to make sense, I require buyers to comprehend the expression “basis details.” A basis position is .01%. So why really do not we use .01%? Because it isn’t obvious enough. If desire costs boost from 1% to 2%, then charges “doubled.” Some traders would claim this is a 100% increase (considering the fact that it doubled) when other people would say it really is a 1% boost considering the fact that the generate is 1% increased.

We do not want to have that confusion, so we need to have to use the expression foundation factors. If costs improved from 1% to 2%, that is a 100 foundation point raise. You can find no argument. Everyone who suggests or else is simply just completely wrong. This is a exact expression. Possessing exact definitions increases interaction.

We’re also likely to use the expression “MBS” to refer to “Mortgage-Backed Securities.” Further, when I use the term “Interest Rates” in this article, it will refer to Treasury prices in the vary of 1 calendar year to 10 yrs (except or else specified).

Ultimately, I need to mention that for Annaly Capital Administration we can use the phrases BV (reserve worth) and NAV (net asset benefit) interchangeably. There are REITs exactly where people phrases are not interchangeable, but they are listed here.

Now that we are talking the similar language, we can transfer on.

Curiosity Price Sensitivity

Annaly Capital Administration now delivers two presentations for their quarterly final results. They have a combined duration of just over 60 web pages. The a person we want is site 18 of Annaly’s Q4 2021 supplemental presentation. It seems to be like this:

Slide from Annaly Capital Management demonstrating the increase or decrease in net asset value per share if interest rates increase or decrease

NLY Q4 2021 Supplemental Presentation

Sorry, you’ll have to zoom in on the graphic. There is no way to scale that without distorting the text. I extra the red box for the element I want traders to target on.

Annaly’s presentation implies:

  1. If desire premiums throughout the generate curve ended up 75 basis factors larger, it would create a 5% reduction in book price for every share.
  2. The drop in book worth from an increase of 75 foundation factors is 2 times the fall created by an enhance of 50 basis factors (2.5%).
  3. The fall in book price from a 50 foundation position maximize is much more than 2 times the drop created by an boost of 25 foundation factors (.9%).

Observe: Desire rates will not go by the correct same volume throughout the curve. The desk is designed to be a simplified presentation. So much, the 5-year Treasury generate elevated by 123 basis factors and the 10-yr Treasury generate greater by 88 basis points. Both of those of those people figures are bigger than 75, so you should almost certainly guess that the effect of curiosity costs by yourself drove a reduction in guide price larger than 5%.

So why does a greater raise in fees result in ebook worth falling at this sort of a speedy price? Why does a 75 basis position increase decrease e book value by a lot more than 3 situations the reduction from a 25 foundation place boost?

Since as charges raise further more, it final results in a larger decrease in the worth of the MBS. Why simply cannot a mortgage loan REIT just hedge out all of that possibility?

If prices tumble noticeably, the hedges would shed a significant volume of revenue. Having said that, lessen charges don’t end result in a huge obtain for MBS. When premiums tumble considerably decrease, individuals refinance far more generally. When prices transfer bigger, they refinance considerably considerably less. For that reason, home finance loan will be exceptional for a longer period if premiums shift larger but be compensated off quicker if prices move lower.

When desire costs only transfer a bit, this isn’t a big deal. When fees transfer substantially, it gets a large deal.

This is a principle we contact “negative convexity.” It should be referred to as “concavity,” but math majors didn’t decide how finance spreadsheets ended up set up. So we end up with unfavorable convexity rather.

MBS Distribute Sensitivity

The next issue to contemplate will come from the same slide, but I’ve moved the highlighting. This time, we’re going to examine the purple box:

Slide from Annaly Capital Management demonstrating exposure to changes in the spreads on mortgage-backed securities

NLY Q4 2021 Supplemental Presentation

When MBS spreads maximize, it minimizes NAV speedily. This subject can be a little bit more complicated for the reason that there are many means to evaluate MBS spreads. All those diverse measurement strategies will commonly stage investors in the exact direction, but not to the specific very same worth. The finest procedure by a large margin is to actually model out every situation in the portfolio. I employed to do that, but Scott handles it all now and I’m incredibly assured in his estimates.

Observe: This is essentially how I grew to become so self-assured in Scott’s perform. I had years of comparing our estimates and viewing the precise results for the REITs, which shown the accomplishment of our designs.

Investors can argue about how substantially MBS spreads increased, but I think most will concur that they did boost. The rate on a 30-yr property finance loan improved materially much more than most Treasury premiums. That is adequate to counsel that spreads widened. For that reason, we should hope that unfold widening will also lead to a decline in ebook benefit.

Combining Individuals Variables

Our (referring to the REIT Discussion board) estimates for Annaly Funds Management’s e book worth in Q1 2022 recommend a very content lower. We have Scott’s estimates from the stop of final week (connected at the major of the post) and he will generate a different set of estimates for 3/31/2021. Of study course, those people estimates can’t be created till right after we’ve witnessed the genuine alterations in MBS and Treasury costs (not to mention LIBOR swaps).

Historical Selling price to Trailing Book Ratios

Employing “Trailing Book” refers to the worth from the prior quarter. It can be a little bit baffling for traders at moments since the house loan REIT doesn’t launch earnings on the identical working day the quarter ends. Nonetheless, we built a chart showing how it would glance if we contrasted NLY’s every day share cost with the trailing ebook price. In this chart, e book value is up to date as of the date the quarter ends (nevertheless it is not declared until eventually a couple weeks afterwards):

Big line graph showing the trailing book value for Annaly Capital Management compared to the share price each day

The REIT Forum

Applying that chart, you would be inclined to imagine that NLY continue to has a reasonable discount. Today’s share value of $7.43 is reduced than $7.97. On the other hand, if we think e-book price has presently fallen appreciably, then we are anticipating the pink line to drop. If the crimson line drops significantly, then that share price tag stops on the lookout like a pleasant price cut.

What About Other Things?

I do not will need to demonstrate other aspects. I could. Scott calculates more than book price. We could go into aspects like earnings and dividends, but we never need to have to correct now. The price tag-to-e book ratio is sending an exceptionally powerful sign.

It is like seeing flames in your residing space. You could dig into other components to identify if there’s essentially a fire, but you do not require to do that if you can see the flames.


We’re projecting a decline so much this quarter materially increased than 10%. In that context, the share price tag stops showing so “low.” When traders realize the reduction, they may perhaps grow to be far a lot more involved and could send out the price reduced. This is a good time for investors to market their position in Annaly Funds Management’s prevalent shares and reallocate. We have quite a few possibilities which are even now investing at desirable valuations. There are even a several mortgage loan REIT popular shares presenting some upside. However you spin it, there are lots of chances with a better chance/reward profile.

Score: Bearish on NLY. No improve to the desired shares. Some of NLY’s desired shares are even now attractively valued. Whilst guide worth for every share got crushed, desired equity is completely fine.