Miyawaki Sakura Parts Methods With Japanese Administration Company

Miyawaki Sakura’s deal with her Japanese management agency has arrive to an stop.

On November 1, her company Vernalossom declared the news by their formal internet site. They stated, “We thank absolutely everyone who has always supported Miyawaki Sakura. We tell you that the administration agreement involving Miyawaki Sakura and Vernalossom Co., Ltd. has expired. The staff members of the organization would like to sincerely thank the enthusiasts who are cheering for her. You should continue on to give your unchanging awareness to Miyawaki Sakura.”

Miyawaki Sakura initially debuted in Japan as a member of HKT48 in 2011. Following rating No. 2 on Mnet’s “Produce 48” in 2018, she debuted as a member of challenge group IZ*ONE and promoted with the team until eventually their disbandment. She graduated from her longtime team HKT48 in June.

In March, it was reported that Miyawaki Sakura would sign up for a new woman group at HYBE pursuing IZ*ONE’s disbandment. In reaction to the report, Huge Strike had commented, “Nothing has been made the decision [regarding this matter].” Then in August, it was noted that she will be joining Source Songs, which is part of HYBE Labels, but a resource from HYBE experienced commented that they are unable to validate the report.

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