LETTER: Decoy recollections | Park Rapids Company

“The artwork and science of decoy carving” (Dec. 8 Business) introduced again recollections. I ponder if “the previous guy” Wayne and Ryan Leaderbrand figured out from was my stepfather, Duey Johnston. Like the Leaderbrands, Duey made doing the job course spearfishing decoys (as Paul Sparks clarifies) out of pine, and the red-and-white was a typical and bestseller “because anyone makes use of it.”

When viewing Mother and Duey, I usually popped into the store to see what was happening. (They lived in the vicinity of Hillview. For individuals unfamiliar with the location: Sebeka, Menahga and New York Mills are suburbs.)

Following Mom retired, she joined Duey in the art and science of his operate. At some point, I (and other traveling to relatives customers) assisted the booming organization by portray the undercoat of the decoys dangling from rows of hooks. (I feel we all have white paint in our DNA now.)

In 2004, I established a ditty identified as “Twelve Days of Fishing” to honor Duey. I believe he bought a kick out of it, and I hope other folks can have a chuckle or two.

“On the twelfth working day of fishing, Duey stated to me:

Twelve spearers sat in eleven homes darkened

(10 of them warm), while nine northerns swam by

Eight holes with decoys.

7 spears went splashing six caught their restrictions

5 fine fillets!

Four hungry pets, a a few-class food, with

Two individuals fed, and a Duey’s Minnesota decoy!”